PhD in vertical farming

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2021.12.01 05:43 imintech PhD in vertical farming

Hi guys, I am currently finishing my master‘s degree in Computer Science. For my thesis I am doing an interdisciplinary project with our agriculture chair. I am really enjoying it and now I am considering a PhD. At the chair they do some experiments and research around vertical farming, which I find really interesting. I have been reading papers and articles and I am wondering in what topic of vertical farming it makes most sense to specify in. I was thinking about designing an indoor crop model so that we can easier evaluate if it makes sense to grow a specific type of plant indoors.
But I would be open to any type of input from you. Preferably it should be something IT-related with a focus on data analysis.
To the people that already have a vertical farm running: what are you struggling with most?
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2021.12.01 05:43 Grausamkeeit Pondering my Evil Eye

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2021.12.01 05:43 Jyrz Kingdom Hearts All-In-One (Part 4): Final Mix [4] - Sidetracked Progression

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2021.12.01 05:43 ZoobBot 189464

This is the 189464th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.01 05:43 prachipatale Organic Gluten Substitutes Market Global Sales Are Expected

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2021.12.01 05:43 PVCnews After Effects Roundup November 2021

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2021.12.01 05:43 PlayGamesM More expensive spicy pillows incoming.

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2021.12.01 05:43 RaeZor- HELP

Ok so I used to have a lofi playlist on Spotify and the other day the image of the cover to one of the songs popped into my head, but for the LIFE of me I can’t find anything. The cover was a raccoon (I think) sitting on some kind of house/treehouse, and the most prominent color on the cover was orange but that’s as far as my memory will take me. Any help is very appreciated <<33
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2021.12.01 05:43 Moshilicious Something that was said to you by a loved one you will never, ever forget?

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2021.12.01 05:43 m0nsdimac1matey Arigamplays privado super hot

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2021.12.01 05:43 Agile-Royal-6809 Shahid kapoor & sonam kapoor had so much off-screen chemistry

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2021.12.01 05:43 6winesdown Specialist

Turn on the Bright Lights is my favorite album ever, it’s a perfect 10 for me. But I still think that Specialist should’ve been included in the album. It fits perfectly between stella and roland! With Specialist included the album would be an 11/10
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2021.12.01 05:43 prachipatale Offshore Wind Energy Market Global Sales Are Expected To

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2021.12.01 05:43 deus_ex_vagina2 d(o)n't (c)are, she's trash...

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2021.12.01 05:43 SerKun17 Minecraft Realms vs 3rd Party Hosting

We are going to do a survival server and I don't know if I should create a Realms or just go with a Minecraft hosting which I don't know if its faster and cheaper. We are just a group of friends so it's nothing for creating a server for random people. Thanks in advance and have fun!
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2021.12.01 05:43 RasheenHyuga How long does sliced cheese last in the fridge?

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2021.12.01 05:43 Olliebkl If you don’t have psoriasis, count your blessings lol

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2021.12.01 05:43 3mobdotcom The 2 types of arrangements for sugar daddies and sugar babies

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2021.12.01 05:43 mayonnaise219 You are the real hero's

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2021.12.01 05:43 pbjwb Do I water my freshly potted cutting immediately?

I recently got some plant cuttings from my mother. Some mother in law's tongue and one golden pothos. They were in water as cuttings just beforehand (of course) and I transported them safely wrapped in slightly damp paper towels around their bases and roots. For potting them up should I water them immediately? I'm very much a plant beginner, the last plants I had died :( except for my cactus which I think is still alive?
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2021.12.01 05:43 kajat-k8 Damn Hobonichi, I didn't know that EVERYONE had "Holy Office numbers" AND "Another nine children with 3"

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2021.12.01 05:43 Nostalgia4life I’m going to sleep. I’m genuinely hoping as always that I don’t wake up in the morning. fml

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2021.12.01 05:43 botilly I really regret helping my friend get the same job as me

does this make me a bad person
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