Rocket Facility Design Project - Curing Process Question

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2021.12.07 15:20 PigeonBarrel Rocket Facility Design Project - Curing Process Question

Hello all,
I am currently working on a school project where we have to design a rocket facility, defining what machines are required, the amount of material needed, and the time required for each operation to be completed. The facility is to create a 3 stage rocket.
For the Oven Curing process, my group is required to select and justify which curing operation will improve the strength and toughness of the panels used to manufacture the tanks. However, I am struggling to find any information on the type of curing process used. The panels used are 7000 series aluminum.
I've narrowed it down to one of these 4: air curing, thermosetting, photosetting, or chemical setting. I personally think it would be air curing, but am unsure. Does anyone know where I could find more information about the curing process used on typical rocket barrels/aluminum panels?
I've found some NASA spec sheets but am unable to get enough information to justify any decision. I apologize if this is not the place to ask, but I figured it fit.
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Luffy was always the best at laughing in the enemies face
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Butcher block desktop advice needed. I can’t stain and clear coat this until the spring. I was going to use it ugly side up until then. Do I need to do anything to it? Already sanded and cleaned with mineral spirits. submitted by Lazydeadpoet to BeginnerWoodWorking [link] [comments]

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2021.12.07 15:20 BlankVerse A massive 8-year effort finds that much cancer research can’t be replicated — Unreliable preclinical studies could impede drug development later on

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2021.12.07 15:20 jasonfarrish Realistic, lore friendly, tier list

Let’s leave named characters off and focus on roughly equivalent troop pairings.
1) Primarch - Demon Prince 2) Phoenix Lords 3) Avatar - Greater Demon - Solitaire - Swarm Lord 4) Chapter Master - Exarch - War Boss 5) Custodes - Grey Knights - Harlequins 6) Space Marines - Super Nobs 7) Aspect Warriors - Nobs 8) Boyz - Guardians 9) Imperial Guard 10) pdf and other assorted trash mobs.
What do I have wrong and what would your pairings be? I have always been more focused on Imperium and Eldar so please insert your Tyranid, Necron, and Tau equivalents.
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The Trump sycophant with the cow.
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Kellogg vil fyre 1400 da fagforeningsforhandlingerne bryder sammen.
Hvis du vil boykotte Kellogg i sympati med arbejderne, så er det her deres "Brand portfolio".
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2021.12.07 15:20 Opposite_Baby_4639 I want to pause my bachelors degree and don’t know how to break it to my parents

TLDR: I don’t know how to tell my (20F) religious parents that I don’t want to take a break from college for a year (at least).
Now, onto the long story with my reasoning why I want to take a break: I want to preface by saying that I am 100% telling them without a doubt. My issue is, I don’t know how. For context, I’m the eldest daughter of a very religious family. Last year, I did what I thought was impossible and moved out due to the abuse that I was receiving at home (it got worse as I was getting older as I started to recognize the freedom I truly have as a person).
I run a business, kind of an entertainment business that includes me managing musicians and making music, streaming on twitch, making custom rugs, and my BF started making his really unique artwork which we’re learning to turn into NFTs. Over the last year, on top of my 4 day a week 6hrs a day job, my yearly income exceeded 90k. I have more money than I ever had in my life! However, I do believe that I can do more.
I’ve been wanting to quit school since I started college. I did amazing in high school (I have a scholarship named after me/my family awarded to students of color so they can attend the competitive private school on full ride). I did set a reputation for my family at the school but, if I’m being honest, I peaked (educationally) in high school. My first semester in college, I got a 1.2GPA. I couldn’t believe it, and the shame, embarrassment, and guilt I felt is something I don’t ever want to experience in my life again. The next semester, I thought I just needed to try harder. About 2 weeks in, my dad found my grades and stopped financially supporting me which resulted in my hastily finding a sh***y full-time job with tuition benefits. For the first month and a half (until COVID hit pretty much), I gained a nasty nicotine habit to “keep me awake” as I told myself, lost all my friends because I was projecting my hatred of myself into other people, working from 5AM-1PM, going to classes from 2PM-6PM, staying up late study. Lo and behold, I got a 1.9 that semester.
I didn’t show my parents this semester’s GPA as, in my anger, I removed them both as authorized viewers of my educational status. When they asked me how school was, I said great. I was doing horrible. Not only educationally but emotionally, mentally, and physically. I weighed 128lbs at 5’9, I drank alcohol/smoked nic everyday, I had no social life and basically slaved away at a bank/call center job that only allowed one 30 minute break for every 7hrs (we also weren’t allowed papers/pencils/access to internet cuz we dealt with bank accounts so I couldn’t even do my homework at work).
I broke down at a park after stuff I don’t want to mention here as I have a therapist to talk about it with but I was at the lowest I’ve ever been by June 2020. I didn’t know him then, but some guy (my now BF) saw me breaking down and bought me chicken and waffles and just… let me talk. I let everything out and he told me that maybe college wasn’t for me. This is the first time someone has told me this, as I didn’t even allow myself to have that thought and honestly, it stuck w me since. We saw each other every other week at the park and ate chicken and waffles and just talked. By July 2020, we started the entertainment company. We agreed that I have full ownership, though, as he didn’t really want to own anything but his music/art and I can handle business, finance, etc.
By September 2020, I had 6 musicians/producers, 3 artists, and 2 influencers who agreed to work with me. I realized by December 2020 that I loved this company and everything I do and everyone involved. We became a registered business by February of this year and I found a job in the gaming industry that I really like, meaning I get to stream games and review them live while building an audience. Although I did manage to get myself out of academic probation through P/F on classes I KNOW I failed (meaning I got 7 credits total F20/SP22), I didn’t really care. I finally felt the passion that I’ve been craving.
Over the last semester (F21), I’ve been thinking a lot about my life and I’ve come to realize that I’ve been a “people pleaser” my whole life. I got a therapist last summer and he helped me realize that I had a lot of issues (emotionally/mentally) that I had pushed to the side in order to meet my parent’s expectations. This is the second major life choice (first being moving out, which is a discussion for another post) I’ve ever made through genuinely weighing my options and I know what I want to do. I want to take a break for a year before I think about school again. I had the initial fear of telling my parents, but I know I can do it.
Problem is, I don’t know how, and I’m really struggling to find a way that I can tell them without them hating me. I will admit, they still have some sort of hold over me. One I hope to break in the future but today, tomorrow, or next month won’t be that day.
What’s the best possible way that I can do it?
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