New Photos of Pearl Harbor Brings Dec 7, 1941 Attack into Focus. Courtesy of

2021.12.07 16:15 wealth4good New Photos of Pearl Harbor Brings Dec 7, 1941 Attack into Focus. Courtesy of

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2021.12.07 16:15 Icy-Relationship1390 Family Gender disappointment

We found out the gender via NIPT. It’s a girl. My husband is over the moon and excited to be a dad to his little girl. After We got home I got a call from my cousin who’s also expecting. I was ready to share my news but she did it first and told me she’s having a girl.
My excitement got tainted, when she started showing her disappointment in the gender. And listed all sorts of absurd reasons as to why being a girl sucks. I tried to disagree with her but her negativity was too much. At the end got fed up and just excused myself.
I then contemplated sharing the news with our respective families who are otherwise broad minded but our background is from a country, where “Girls are considered inferior to boys”.
We first told my husbands parents, back home who I thought would be disappointed about having a girl. But they were the opposite and genuinely happy.
Then I told my mom, who was also happy. Lastly we told my dad, who has two daughters including me, and his side of the family has always preferred boys. My dad tried to sound happy and delighted but taunted my husband saying only superior men have boys and he thought he wasn’t one cuz he’ only had daughters. And he said he thought my husband was a macho man and would have a son. My husband politely shut him off and said he’s stronger because he’s going to raise a daughter.
After the call I couldn’t help but feel bummed out. All my life my dad and his family looked down at me for being a girl, and I had to overcompensate by being a son and a daughter. It took a lot of inner healing for me to come out of that negative space. But now he’s gonna look at my daughter the same way and all those emotions are coming back.
I know his and my cousins opinion shouldn’t mean anything. I feel horrible for even thinking for a moment that a boy would’ve been better. Sorry I had to vent. I really hope in the future I don’t let these messed up values ever affect my child.
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2021.12.07 16:15 Narrenschifff Winter 2021 Miscellaneous Thread

What for?
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2021.12.07 16:15 BothEgg295 Time for the best tower challenge first is primary which will be the best?

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2021.12.07 16:15 AFamiliarFace1337 Family of 5 homeless...Update Thread

Hello all, you have all shown great kindness in the previous posts (context can be found by viewing my post history if this is new to you).
I am going to be honest, I am really struggling to keep it all together. I truly am. Normally, I am fairly optimistic and joyful, even despite horrendous situations, but I simply cannot hold that facade much longer.
I have, to the best of my abilities, tried to implement all your wonderful suggestions. Here is a list of the things I have attempted to do this far:
1.) By far, the biggest suggestion was "get a job," which I am attempting to do. I have easily filed over 120 applications via Indeed. However, I do not have an ID. And most jobs require an ID. So, get an ID, you say? Okay, fun fact: I don't even have my birth certificate, social security card, or proof of residence (my family is homeless and has no permanent address to prove residence) to get an ID. I at least tried to ship out a new birth certificate and social security card, but those could be weeks before I get them. And again, we don't have a permanent address for mailing. We have a P.O. box and a lot of our mail has issues even getting there. So, it's not even guaranteed that I get my important documents. I am genuinely lost on this situation. Not to mention that I don't have transportation or a driver's license, so that eliminates a lot of opportunity. The best I could hope for is walking through the blistering Michigan winters back and forth dozens of miles every day. Which, I will do if it can help my family. My father is also attempting to get a job as well, but I will explain further down the post our situation that makes it harder for my father to work.
2.) Several housing authorities/programs were listed, but I am not sure they will take us due to us either being outside of the community they serve or just due to their long waiting lists. I contacted a lot and they confirmed my suspicions.
3.) Continued, dedicated research into all the available resources, job opportunities, housing, and areas of high opportunity.
4.) Attempting to hold my mental health together and trying to make sure my family is able to hold it together too. It is absolutely heartbreaking seeing my little sisters so miserable. I see them cry practically everyday. Everyday I worry if something horrible will happen to us all and we will somehow hit a new low. Despite this, I try to persevere and assist my family however I may.
5.) Whatever little time I have left after the above tasks is dedicated to trying to hone skills that can hopefully be used in employment to provide for my family. For instance, I taught myself how to program in various programming languages and I am extremely savvy with a computer or technology in general.
Now, in my previous posts I mentioned that my family of 5 (my father, my mother, my two sisters (ages 10 and 14), and I (age 18) are homeless. We had assistance from Community Action Agency (CAA) in the form of paying for a motel for us to stay out of the elements until we can find a house that they can pay for up to 9 months of rent. This was a very generous offer, but in my previous posts, I talked about our down-right horrible rent/credit history. My parents have at least 4 evictions and no income. We were attempting to resolve the no income part by trying to find employment at least because absolutely no one in our area will rent to people with bad history like us.
But CAA did not tell us there was a limit on how long they can pay for the motel, to keep us out of the elements. A limit is fair, absolutely, but, they did not tell us there was one in advance and we have found out the hard way by the limit running out and we are now back in our barely functional RV in the harsh Michigan winter.
I just am at a loss as to what to do at this point. No matter what we attempt to do, there is always something there to mess us up and make us start over at square one. This vicious cycle has lasted years. I want to see my family be able to smile for one day, at the least.
My younger sisters most certainly have years of unhealthy trauma built up over their developing years that I don't know if they will last much longer. Not to mention my parents are frequently in deep depression and I never know if I will wake up one day and one of us have killed themselves.
I just don't know how we can reasonably get a job if we don't have a solid, strong, and stable foundation to work off of? If my dad works (he is the only one that can drive), then that would leave my family in the RV by themselves in a Walmart parking lot. Any person could just walk up in the night and just murder them while they sleep. Or alternatively, the owner of whatever parking lot could get disgusted with our presence and knock on our door to move the RV elsewhere. But my dad would be working, so the owners would most certainly tow our only form of shelter, at our expense, which we certainly cannot afford. If my mom works, my father won't have anyone to look over him and make sure he doesn't do anything really bad (he has numerous mental health and intellectual disabilities). That leaves me to work, which I absolutely will and want to do, but I cannot produce the proper paperwork to work at legal (not under the table) employers, among the numerous other issues.
I am a loss as what to do. It has been frequently suggested that I just leave my family, but I just can't in good conscience. My family, simply, put is incapable of self-sufficiency and require constant supervision and assistance to survive in this world, or they surely would all die. I cannot live with myself if that happens. I can't.
And I just can't understand why people look down on people like my parents so badly, or homeless/impoverished people so badly. It really is frustrating and depressing when people constantly look at you like you are worthless, lazy, good for nothing deadbeats that deserve everything bad that happens to you. People that have fortune often look down at us in disgust and it is saddening. Not everyone within a society is mentally, physically, intellectually, or financially capable of contributing to society in significant ways or are capable of being self-sufficient themselves. And people like that are expected to die somewhere on the street as people look away in disgust or because they don't want to feel bad. I know my parents have made many, many, many bad decisions, and honestly, they probably will continue to. Their brains simply aren't compatible with how our world is structured. I just wish that everyone, no matter your shortcomings, no matter your flaws, or inability was given, no, I'd go as far as to say guaranteed a baseline of security and stability. I do not ask for a mansion, or a Lamborghini, but dang, even having a one bedroom slum would be nice. It would be very, very helpful at the least.
I am just so exhausted. I honestly am. I am at a loss as to what to do, our future looks incredibly bleak, and I just don't know how much longer we will live. If we don't die from one of the various bad things that frequently happen to us, then depression will surely kill us all.
I know this post is much darker than what I normally would do, but I am extremely desperate for anything to help. Be it magical words of advice that vastly change our worldviews or be it a magical house falls from the sky. This is honestly a plea for help. I just want to cry, scream, collapse at this point.
I do not ask for money, but I do ask for your understanding and compassion in our dark, dark, dark times. Moderators, I kindly ask you too to leave this up. Please, any possible light on our situation gives us the tiniest bit of a chance out.
I will try my best to keep everyone updated within this thread instead of making a new post for every update. So, do feel free to check in every now and then. Thank you all once again.
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2021.12.07 16:15 Kendaddy30 Happy holidays ! Need some work done around the house from wood floors to waterproofing windows and mason work let me know , thank you stay blessed

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2021.12.07 16:15 Ubizwa Purple seal girl Zipper Pouch

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2021.12.07 16:15 TheCookieButter Stop doing weapon animations when I pick up an already used gun!

In the middle of a fight. Get a double kill, take the already used rockets from a dead enemy. Turn to shoot the 3rd enemy and instead I'm spinning the barrels for no fucking reason and die...
Why is that there at all, and if it is only have it for the first person to pick it up (which is still stupid for contested power weapons).
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2021.12.07 16:15 Justa_Mongrel Soft & Wet Shovel

Looking for a bloody shovel for S&W. Any recommendations?
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2021.12.07 16:15 playertariat Ubisoft Quartz: Announce Trailer | Quartz is a new experience for our players… the place where you can acquire Digits, the first Ubisoft NFTs

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2021.12.07 16:15 ZoolShop Biden threatens ‘strong sanctions’ against Russia over Ukraine aggression in call with Putin

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2021.12.07 16:15 jesseurena08 Why do people further left try to gloss over Bill Clinton's achievements

People further left really dislike Clinton because he's the epitome of the neoliberals but you can't really argue with the facts and the economy under him was maybe the best it had ever been
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2021.12.07 16:15 Training_Magazine_33 Lepasa wonderful project This Project creates a brilliant concept for all investors & early supporters. This is a very potential & fully decentralization concept as well. I hope it'll become a big community in crypto & stronger very soon & touch their goal.
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2021.12.07 16:15 exceptaway343 How long did it take for you to realize that the dynamic programming taught in algorithms is the same as the one in RL?

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2021.12.07 16:15 Gaby5011 I think that is my 2nd catch

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2021.12.07 16:15 joshragem Delicious colored marshmallows

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2021.12.07 16:15 rundia_lover Sir Sam Manekshaw with his family

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2021.12.07 16:15 urchargearr New Super Mario 64!

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2021.12.07 16:15 _laurieee_ I know you wanna put your face in them😋

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2021.12.07 16:15 game_slayer12 ORIGINS JOIN NOW

join our fun and friendly (deathly) community
if you are interested come join
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2021.12.07 16:15 mazharmad This Guy is really something

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2021.12.07 16:15 colewalker1987 WTB QUICK SALE WHALE ACCOUNTS 40+ 5* SAFE AND EASY PAYMENT

I am buying NA/EU Quick Sale whale accounts with 40+ 5*!
Why Sell to me? I specialize in buying and selling large whale accounts! Check my public feedback and chat history on!
What I do for you? I give a complete account evaluation based upon account information and my knowledge of the current market. After a fair evaluation, I will give my offer near the low end of the market value, in return you get fast, safe, and easy payment.
I will make an offer if you have at minimum ALL of the following:

  1. You are original owner.
  2. No links but usernames and email. Links are any apps or security information linked to the account. i.e. google, phone number etc.
  3. Have receipts of in-game purchases.
  4. 40 or more 5 stars in total. That includes constellations and refinements. But not traveler.
  5. NA (EU exception if very cheap)
If you have the above please list the following:
  1. AR
  2. Region
  3. Crowns used and available
  4. 5 Star characters with constellations
  5. 5 Star weapons with refinements
  6. Event weapons with refinements If you have a post already with the information or screenshots that works as well :)
Payment Options: PayPal Friends and Family only.
If you have an account like this you want to sell quick and with peace of mind you came to the right place! I am most readily available on discord.
Discord: Anoobistuu#7035
I look forward to hearing from you all ❤️
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2021.12.07 16:15 xhanaka KILLSTATION - I SAW A GHOST | AMV

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2021.12.07 16:15 jjbz707 Ever notice the potato in the pastry case?

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