About the significant increase of fake anime adaptation news and need for a new rule to prevent it

2022.01.21 19:41 Questionablememelord About the significant increase of fake anime adaptation news and need for a new rule to prevent it

We here all love solo leveling and really want it to have the attention it deserves in anime form. Ever since the webnovel has ended the ammount of posts spreading fake news about a potential adaptation has increased a lot.
This messege is mostly directed to the subs moderators and I ask that some new rule preveinting such post without credible source be made so people dont get their hopes up and help prevent missinformation.
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2022.01.21 19:41 ShortAlgo $BNTX Looks oversold Register for 7-Day Trial Access at https://t.co/4iPw4wGRcw https://t.co/VOTJerA3sU

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2022.01.21 19:41 notwendyclear Will visit islands and drop off 1mil bells in exchange for DIYS :)

DM me your Dodos and I’ll come by!!
Closing at 800pm EST
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2022.01.21 19:41 MillesYauzi ich_iel

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2022.01.21 19:41 SftwEngr Had an interesting chat with my local DOH

I was bored so I called my local DOH to ask about masks, and why we are all wearing them by dictate when the UK got rid of the mask mandates and even Dr Leana Wen called them useless "facial decorations". I wanted to know what science was guiding their usage in my state. I was told by the DOH representative that they follow the CDC guidelines and the CDC follows the science. So I asked why are we only following the CDC now, when a year ago, when Trump was president, many governors said they wouldn't be recommending "Trump's vaccine" until they had done their own independent testing for safety rather than listening to the CDC? I said it makes no sense to follow the CDC when the president is a democrat but question the CDC when the president is a republican, so it seems like this is more of a political battle than a medical one. They then got huffy and said they had other calls and hung up on me.
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2022.01.21 19:41 Opiestl HELP top removal

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2022.01.21 19:41 JustCallMeEunice ELI5: Is it better financially to pay for a house outright if the opportunity arises?

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2022.01.21 19:41 Commercial-Minimum91 Maria Bopp - atriz gostosa

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2022.01.21 19:41 Ellekm730 Is there a word for a cuber who cubes with non-cube cubes? Like, the cubes that arent shaped like cubes? I am being 100% serious.

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2022.01.21 19:41 UnknownGhost5 Original Naruto is great.

Just finished the original Naruto anime after a really long time. I binge-watched the anime untill episode 200 and just couldn't watch anymore. The fillers were just getting more and more boring. But after a month i returned and finished the last 20 episodes.
This is one of the first anime i watched (together with Dragon Ball Z) but since I was a kid when I watched it I never really finished it. So I finally decided to watch it start to finish and I loved it. I could clearley remember some episodes I watched as a child and it was really nostalgic.
Most of the characters were pretty good and the only character I didn't like was Sakura. She felt kinda useless and did pretty much nothing for most of the anime. Sasuke also felt like a dumbass because he sided with Orochimaru. But I kinda understand why he would did that.
And now for the only thing I didn't like in this anime. The fillers. There are just too many fillers and although some are good most of them are bad. I understand that they needed to make fillers because they caught up with the manga but holy fuck this is just too much. Half of the anime is filler.
Apart from the filler thing the anime is fucking great and I can't wait to finish Shippuden (which I never previously watched).
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2022.01.21 19:41 CitrusMistress08 Can I get some ID help/confirmation on some plants that just arrived? Details in comments.

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2022.01.21 19:41 SirRosstopher [WP] A Police force invents time travel in order to investigate crimes that happened in the past

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2022.01.21 19:41 ViriatusPC Let's try : Azzy Battles the Darkness

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2022.01.21 19:41 YoloMice Requesting r/CuteGirlsinPanties - Both mods are suspended

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2022.01.21 19:41 fnar420 H: J/Ffr/90rw Fixer W: Offers (see comments)

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2022.01.21 19:41 iiGoodVibesii 18 part time positions posted for sort.. Any chance of taking one to hope for full time?

Is it common to start part time and move to full time?
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2022.01.21 19:41 Ordinary_Grape_3204 H: BE Gatling Laser + TS50c15v fixer + JE25 fixer + TSE15 Handmade W: Legacy offer

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2022.01.21 19:41 FringeBoi04 Clone wars question

So I wanna watch mandalorian season 2, the bad batch, and get ready for the upcoming lego star wars and wanna appreciate all the characters and know more about the lore. I've obly watched about half of the clone wars and if I'm honest, I'm pretty bored with it. The animation is nice and the action is cool but it just feels slow. Is there any specific episodes to watch or at least a better season to start in that gets very lore heavy. I wanna watch mandalorian season 2 but know nothing of ahsoka and I wanna appreciate her character since she's so beloved. I dont think I'll watch rebels since I didn't really like it but for at least the clone wars, is there a better place to start or do I just need to see the whole thing to unfold.
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2022.01.21 19:41 FinallyInReddit Scare me, disturb me, do whatever u want I just want to be pissing myself from being so scared

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2022.01.21 19:41 Monkeymammoth891 Has anyone who has been deferred ED --> RD at GULC heard back?

I was deferred on December 2nd and told I would hear back no later than Feb 28. Wondering if I should expect maybe to hear before that or forget about GULC for a while.
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2022.01.21 19:41 PowerhungryUK Big news! Staking will be live by Friday the 28th of January

This was announced on telegram tonight. Staking token and nfts will be live and is weeks if not months ahead of schedule! Also even bigger news, any inft holders when staking goes live will be gifted a unique static megababy nft on the Ethereum network! Free! How cool is that?! Currently there are 560 megababies for sale on the marketplace. This is 560 FREE ETH NFTs that are available, some as low as $30!!! Crazy!
Get them whilst you can!
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2022.01.21 19:41 magicwolfdog [UPDATE] their okay!

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2022.01.21 19:41 ThisAintABoi Where am I going?

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2022.01.21 19:41 NTRhentai Watching Beautiful girls play Volleyball [ World's End Harem ] Shuumatsu...

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2022.01.21 19:41 Federal-Concert1808 I’m open to trades and offers

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