Struggling with my aim.

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2022.01.21 20:49 GeoffTheMighty Struggling with my aim.

Have anyone here gone through a phase where no matter what you do your hand feels awkward and tracking is a nightmare and you struggle at doing vertical and horizontal aim at the same time. This has been my case for the past 2 years. Any help would be appreciated. For reference, when I am tracking it always feels forced and takes a lot of energy rather than feeling like a free and easy motion causing my arm to fatigue pretty fast.
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2022.01.21 20:49 Miljan-Jankov Everyone know… not including Joey… you know the one musician on trash taste…

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2022.01.21 20:49 scholargypsy Did New Mexico play a crucial role in the outcome of WW2?

How did New Mexico contribute to the outcome of WW2? Specifically, how influential were the code talkers and The Manhattan Project?
Without the code talkers and The Manhattan Project, do you think the outcome would have been significantly different? How would the outcome differ if Germany invented the bomb first?
I found this old post:
It made me cringe a little, since I'm pretty sure that New Mexico helped in a few key ways/I feel code talkers deserve more credit than they get. I'm often surprised by the number of people who don't know about the code talkers...
Do I have an unreasonable amount of New Mexico pride, or was New Mexico truly important during WW2?
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2022.01.21 20:49 Somal1anWarlord notify me

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2022.01.21 20:49 mlk_hiram Autosomal Genetic PCA of West Asian and Peripheral Populations

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2022.01.21 20:49 BitterBuffalo7872 What breathing should I go for

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2022.01.21 20:49 pursuitofwilderness I'd love some unbiased advice on what to do with my father.

I'm not a traditional caregiver like most of you are on here, but I'm the person (28F) responsible for my 65-year-old disabled father.
Last March he had life-saving aortic surgery that left him basically bed-bound. I say basically because unless you're a strong person, he has to get in and out the bed via a Hoyer lift. His nerves have slowly regenerated in his lower body, but his muscles have atrophied so much, it's doubtful he will walk again. As for his mind, I'd say he has about 65% of his wits about him, and even that might be too generous.
His medical journey ended with him now living in a private care home. I'm incredibly thankful he can afford to live there, as I know many people truly don't have that privilege.
In November, my dad had a bad infection and was hospitalized. He was then moved to an acute rehab facility for 2.5 weeks and he absolutely loved it. He felt like he was making progress in regard to possibly walking again. His therapists and doctors have told us he'll probably be able to be semi-autonomous in a wheelchair if he has consistent therapy. I doubt this because he's not much of a go-getter.
Before I get into the problem, I want to provide context: my dad is a huge pain in the ass. Even before all of this, we didn't have a good relationship. I've been a victim of his narcissistic abuse since I was a kid, he's a pathological liar, and he's lazy. He has never wanted to put in the hard work. He always hires someone to take care of a problem. And that translates to his recover - he just wants to take a magic pill and get better, he doesn't want to put in the work.
And unfortunately, his parents are gone, he has no wife and no siblings. All he has is me, my brother and my husband to help take care of him. And while I don't do traditional caregiving, I still set up all of his medical transports, I go to every doctor's visit, my brother takes care of his house, his dog, and his business that has to stay open for my dad to afford his current living situation. Hell, I flew with him via emergency air ambulance to Houston to get this surgery, and I lived in a hotel room in Houston for over a month while he recovered. Aaaaand during all of this, I work a 40 hour corporate job while planning my wedding that I'm finally having.
The problem now is that dad is back at the private care home, and he doesn't like it anymore. It sucks because they provide REALLY good care. I trust them, the home owner has been in the business for years and the caregivers are really fantastic people who care about him, they've gotten to know him, and they just want him to get better.
One of the many problems is that my dad refuses to drink water and he has to use a foley catheter (another side effect from the surgery). He just wants to drink soda. So his pee is a very dark color, and eventually, that behavior causes UTIs and his catheter bag becomes bloody. When the caregivers remind him to drink water, he gets annoyed with them.
He also doesn't like the food they serve there because it's not his traditional bar food. My dad was a very unhealthy eater and at one point told me he was done cooking at home because he doesn't like it. So he'd go out to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, eating wings, hot dogs, pizza, mexican food, burgers, etc. So unless I order him Doordash or drop off food a couple times a week, he won't eat half of the food they give him (and they've tried accommodating his pickiness) because he says it's terrible.
He also isn't really interested in doing exercises. The caregivers try to work him out either with upper body workouts or lower body in the bed, but he's just not interested. Which is so frustrating when all he wants to do is walk, so he says.
Since coming home, he's now saying "I want to go home" every chance he ges when I talk to him. It's possible to take him home, but depending on how long he's going to live, the cost could possibly bankrupt him, and we'd have to keep the business open. We'd also have to remodel one of the bathrooms, add ramps for the entrance to the home and in the foyer, and hire care. But what happens if someone doesn't show up for their shift and he's stuck in bed all day? Who is going to provide him his meals? Will a caregiving service be able to take care of all of his other needs (he has a bed sore, for instance)? How can I trust someone in his house while he's there with them alone?
So should I even entertain the idea of taking him home? I truly don't know what I would do if he went home because I am terrified of having to quit my job and help take care of him because of it. But of course, I have this tremendous guilt and I feel bad for him, so I feel like I should figure out what to do.
I just don't know what to do.
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2022.01.21 20:49 woodyperdue Log into Facebook

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2022.01.21 20:49 LiterallyStonkler Brazil government to veto 3.1 billion reais in budget items to fund payroll -sources

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2022.01.21 20:49 g_vernier $20 for laser cut Pentaminos? I'll just mill my own.

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2022.01.21 20:49 JacobKM1199 Best way to display 2 lightsabers in a crossing way ?

I am planning on just having two up per month, then change it next month.
My walls are not flat, they got texture to it and I would prefer to not drill into the wall if I can help it.
All sabers are saberforge. Outcast, jade fire, redeemer mk3, bane mk2, bastion shoto, galadi battlestaff, prodical son mk1?(not threaded), graflex, mpp mk2, and a custom one (esbp) (fallen(not fallen order), sinister profisy, exile, prodical son).
What would work that would support the weight, without modifying it between each one. All have a 32" blade, except shoto at the next one down ?
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2022.01.21 20:49 SR_capostone2001 hide the pain

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2022.01.21 20:49 jaredjc Gamegear easy out size help

Hi all, hoping someone here could help me out please. I’m trying to find the right size easy out to use to get a game gear case back screw out. I’ve tried the rubber band and latex glove over the screw driver method and have had no luck. I’m be happy for other suggestions as well. Thanks.
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2022.01.21 20:49 00110010110 Purism tweets they are shipping Librem 5's

The Purism twitter account tweeted a picture of Librem 5's ready to ship and a follow comment said they are for the Evergreen batch. I haven't gotten any kind of "Your order is ready to ship" email so I have my doubts. Anyone else that is supposed to be in Evergreen get any sort of shipping notification?
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2022.01.21 20:49 bucket--bot me staircase cause I’m sorry i think this is

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2022.01.21 20:49 LilFleezie (FREE) Chief Keef x Tadoe Type Beat (Prod. Lil Fleezie x Baby Kin Go x Lizgin)

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2022.01.21 20:49 creditcardtalk Favorite review?

Does anyone have a favorite article or video review of the card? I just discovered people even do reviews on tiktok.
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2022.01.21 20:49 Marci2352 🎉 WIN This Crypto Ape Punk (No2 Ecstacy Ape) Handrawn & Born Today 🎉 Upvote and Drop ETH Address 🚀🚀

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2022.01.21 20:49 azaMarce77 [PC] - WRC 10 does not look smooth

Hi everyone, I finally joined wrc world and i decided to go for WRC 10 (after playing Dirt Rally 2.0 many hours). After some minutes of playing i realized that the game does not look smooth - sometimes while playing it has a little stuttering. Is that normal? I have tried everything (low-med-high graphics) I have a rtx 3060 and ryzen 5 1600 playing on a single screen 144hz
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2022.01.21 20:49 elelkaal Jeffrey told me his story of addiction and recovery. Then the Tenderloin pulled him back and he found fentanyl

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2022.01.21 20:49 beehn2 When the waitress brings me ranch instead of blue cheese

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2022.01.21 20:49 F-MegaPro GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS!

He said "You make my heart feel weird" I'M GONNA GO FOR IT!! I should go for it, right? I'm going for it! Wait, should I?
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2022.01.21 20:49 CharlesTheredsoxfan Selecting bowlers

Whenever I go to the next over it always automatically selects a bowler
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2022.01.21 20:49 Teacher081079 A spiritual post

Somerimes I wonder if God is real? I know he's blessed my life before but maybe it was my own doing? My faith teaches that God won't answer your prayers until you have done everything you can. So how much is God and how much is me? I'm just so confused. And then in religion you can get some closed minded people so it makes me debate going to church. Any thoughts on this.
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